Sunday, 20 May 2018

Happy heavenly birthday, Jack Sparrow.

Happy 6th Birthday to my gorgeous boy & best friend, Jack Sparrow. 

Your first one in Heaven. 

Until we get to meet again, I hope you have fond someone special up there to have your snuggles with & to pester for "seconds, thirds & fourths" I miss you with every beat of my heart Jack-Jack & you are never far from my thoughts. but I also know, that you are still around, because I still feel you here! you're more than likely whispering your naughty antics into Lulu's ear.... because she is so much like you, it actually scares some sometimes. 

I still miss you more than words could ever say, & I wish more than anything that I could have just one more snuggle with you. 

I love you so so much!
Happy Birthday gorgeous boy.

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